Thursday, September 1, 2011


Jason went in to get his x-ray done today to see if he can get the brace off. I overnighted the scans to his neurosurgeon in Reno, so, hopefully, we'll find out tomorrow whether he can take it off. During the x-ray, he had to take the brace off and get images of him moving the back around. I HATED this part! Jason was fine with it all-said it didn't hurt or bother him, but it made me so nervous that he might injure himself by moving around. After all, he's spent the last 8 weeks keeping his back essentially immobile. I eventually had to stand behind him in the x-ray room, because I was starting to make him nervous with all my hand-wringing and nervousness :)

My dad arrived safely from SC yesterday, and he has been put to work already! He and Savannah have had lots of time to bond, due to Jason and me being out most of the day with the x-rays and other errands. We're very happy to have him here with us :)

So, everyone keep your fingers crossed-I'll let you know tomorrow what the verdict is regarding the brace!

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