Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Week

This has been quite a busy week around the Leyba household!  Jason had PT and a visit with the rehab doctor on Tuesday, SCI FIT on Thursday, and a (much anticipated) visit with the masseur at the chiropractor’s office today.  Savannah, on the other hand, had school Monday and Tuesday, swim and art classes on Wednesday, and gymboree and a well-visit (and vaccines) this morning.  I also slightly re-entered the academic world this week:  I went to a workshop last night and (gasp!) worked on my dissertation a bit.  I’ve been in the car A LOT, and we’ve definitely been grateful to have my dad around this week.  Jason’s appointments would have been a lot more crazed had Savannah been there :)

PT was pretty standard this week.  Jason did some stretching, worked on going from a low to high mat (to simulate moving from floor to chair, which he’ll get to next week), and spent 45 minutes in the standing frame.  Now that he’s spent that long in the standing frame, we can begin the process of getting one for the house (which means going through the process of getting insurance to approve it, which should be buckets of fun).  After PT, he met with his rehab doctor for the first time.  Even though he’s going to PT at the same hospital he went to for inpatient care, he’s gotten an entirely new group of doctors for outpatient care.  So, the visit was long, mainly because we waited quite a while.  Santa Clara is a teaching hospital, so we first met with a resident, who then went and reported to the doctor, and then we met with the doctor (and essentially re-hashed all we’d talked to the resident about).  We focused primarily on the issue of spasticity while we were there and have since made some changes to Jason’s medicines.  He’s still taking the same medicine, but increased the frequency he’s taking it (from 3 to 4 times/day).  Ideally, he’ll get to a point where he doesn’t need these-exercise and stretching should work for him, but we’re not there yet.  I’m happy to report that since changing his meds, things have been going REALLY well.  He still has some spasms, but they’re less frequent and less intense.

SCI-FIT was great yesterday.  I really feel good about this place.  They’re so optimistic, it’s really infectious.  Plus, it’s just nice to go to a place where being in a wheelchair is normal and there are others to talk to who are in the same boat that you are.  Jason was sore afterwards, but not as sore as after his first workout, so that’s improvement.  He goes back in the morning.

We went to visit Mark, one of Jason’s good friends from rehab, today.  Unfortunately, he’s back in the hospital in order to undergo IV antibiotic treatment.  It was great to be able to reminisce and talk about what has worked (or not) with them since leaving the hospital.  Much of adapting to life outside of the hospital has required flexibility and creativity, as well as an ability to keep trying new methods/things until you find something that works for you.  So, it’s always nice to trade ideas with other SCI-ers.  We loved having a chance to talk with Mark, his wife, and his son (who keeps up with his Dad’s blog over at  Like Jason, Mark has a really positive attitude and is committed to recovery and living a full, happy life.

This weekend will start out busily enough-Jason has a 2 hour workout scheduled for SCI-FIT tomorrow, but, after that, things will slow down considerably.  I’m thinking about decorating for Fall with Savannah....of course, it would be lovely if it felt cool like fall around here.  Northern CA has been quite warm of late :)

Love to you all,


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