Monday, September 5, 2011

Sorry to keep you in suspense, but....

We haven't heard anything from the neurosurgeon about Jason's brace just yet. I paid extra to overnight the scans to Reno, and they arrived in the doctor's office at around 10am. Unfortunately, Jason's doctor got called away to an emergency surgery at 9:45am....brain and back surgeries aren't known for being short, so the doctor didn't make it back to the office on Friday. Jason was a little bummed about not hearing anything, but it's hard to be too upset because, on July 9, Jason was that emergency surgery the doctor had to rush out to perform. The doctor's assistant assured me that Jason's scans were the first item in Dr. Leppla's inbox, so we're hoping to hear something first thing tomorrow.

We've been having very lazy days around the house of late. Jason has been busy working on a project that he did not have much time for while officially at work. I find it more than a little entertaining that he is using his medical leave to work :)

We remain optimistic about Jason's sensation returning. This morning, he was giving himself a shot (a blood thinner he's been on for a couple of weeks now. He has to continue taking it for another 5 days). As he was injecting himself, he grimaced a bit...which is odd, because he gives himself the injection well below the level at which he can feel things. Jason often jokes that one of the benefits of paralysis is that you can get shots and injections without any pain (he got a flu shot in his leg this week...). I asked him if he felt the shot and he replied, "well, I felt something." I thought this was great, but Jason assured me that he would have rather regained the sensation in the lower belly in 5 days, after he's done with these daily shots :)

I hope you are all enjoying the Labor Day holiday. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers...and keep on hoping for the official word on the brace to come tomorrow!

Love you all,


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