Friday, March 29, 2013

Update on Savannah

As some of you know, Savannah took a tumble off a play structure at school earlier this week and fractured her collarbone.  After a rough first 24 hours (so thankful we've had wonderful doctors, both at the hospital and her pediatrician's office, throughout this...otherwise our girl might develop a real phobia of them!), and two less than restful nights, Sav seems to be doing really well.  She'll be wearing the sling for 2-3 weeks (we go to Stanford in a few weeks for more xrays and will know more then about how long it should be immobilized), but should be back to a relatively normal routine sometime next week.  Kids heal fast, apparently :)

One of her teachers came by to see her yesterday, bringing with her a fantastic care package that really perked her up (Thank you Orchard friends!).  She's up and about today, and is actually wearing her arm sling.  Thanks for all the great messages of love and support..we have all appreciated it!

Off to the doctor.  VERY thankful we live within walking distance of her need to mess with uncomfortable car seat straps!

Happy to get goodies from her friends at school!

Wearing her sling....finally :)

This is pretty much what our days have looked like of late...I can quote Mickey Mouse 
Clubhouse now...

Google+ Hangout with her Nutmeg classmates!

She was soooo excited to see her friends!

So, we needed a jacket for our walk, but she can't put her right arm through anything, so I wrapped her up in one of my scarves....this worked, except I accidentally wrapped both arms up :P

Originally we had planned to take S to a real tea room for afternoon tea, but had to cancel this plan post-fall.  I tried to make up for that today.

She's doing quite well with her left hand.

Thinking about which book she'd like me to read next!

Hope you all are well and enjoying Easter weekend!

Lots of love, 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The World According to Savannah

Savannah's birthday was a few weeks ago and her "big" gift from us was a camera of her own (a Fisher Price toddler-proof digital camera).  She loves taking our phones and snapping her own pictures, so we thought this would be a great gift.  She has LOVED it, and is frequently taking pictures, or asking us to take pictures of her :)

I thought I'd share what the world looks like to a three year old...and what she deems "photo-worthy"

Jason getting something out of the refrigerator

Birthday Flowers

Her baby doll, Angel


Lots of photos with little fingers in them :)

OUr front door, decorated for Spring


Me, sitting with her at her table

Milk...a very important part of her day

Savannah's "treasure box"

She asked me to take a picture of her...such a lovely girl

Current crop of coloring books on her art table

Window clings

Uncle Nick...perpetually on the laptop!

Photo of her most recent piece of artwork

Perhaps we have a budding photographer on our hands?

All my love,

Monday, March 25, 2013

30, 3, and a very busy March!

So I've been terrible about updates lately....big apologies for that.  February and March were busy...busier than I expected.  It was almost like I flipped over a page in my calendar (yes, despite Jason increasingly prodding me to go paperless, I still rely on a paper calendar to keep organized!) and realized that there were things planned every day for something like six weeks straight! So, here's a not-so-quick photographic recap of our late winter/early Spring (sorry East is really spring here!).

Jason turned 30! 
I blogged about this last time, but he is now, officially, 30.  We celebrated with 30 days of 30...a gift (some small, some not so small) every day for 30 days.  It made his birthday a lot of fun.  Savannah got in on it, which was great, but I think she might have unreasonable expectations re: her birthdays now :)
A little bit of decoration...Sav really loved this bit!

A new laptop! (not from me)

Savannah's contribution to Jason's birthday gifts.

And then we all got sick!
Savannah has been a remarkably healthy child.  She's gotten a few really random viruses (Roseola, Hand/Foot/Mouth Disease), but nothing too bad...until this winter.  3 ear infections, all in a row, plus pink eye in both eyes.  Thankfully, no one else got the pink eye (not sure how we pulled that one off), though nearly all of us in the house have been dealing with sinus/allergy junk.  I even got an ear infection, which I didn't think really happened in adults (tip: if you think you have a sinus infection, go to the doctor...if you wait, it can get worse and potentially become an ear infection).  I really can empathize with her now about the non-fun-ness of the ear infection.

We had lots of snuggly days on the couch.

One afternoon, I told Sav she could pick any of her movies to watch...she spent a lot of time thinking about this..carefully weighing all of her options.  She finally chose Little Mermaid (excellent choice) and then our DVD player

Family Photos
As is our tradition, we got some beautiful family photos taken in late February.  Savannah wasn't entirely cooperative, but the photos came out great (See more at

Savannah is 3!!
On March 7, our little girl turned 3.  I really feel like she was just born yesterday :)

All dressed up for her school celebration!

Presents!  Balloons!

The one day of the year that a cake pop is acceptable breakfast fare.

She got a dress up box from her Mimi and GrandDad Leyba

She had a fun birthday party at CuriOdyssey with lots of her friends

Owl themed :)

There was a face-painting faerie there!
Conference fun!
I presented a paper on how a theatre crisis in 18th-century Edinburgh shows that the ministers within the Church of Scotland were beginning to understand morality in a new manner.  I was lucky enough to land the 9am-day-after-daylight-savings-time spot.

It was well attended....(4 people did show up, actually...)

Spring has sprung!
The weather lately has been beautiful.  Lots of al fresco dining, with yummy, fruity drinks for this momma.

I was supposed to be in Switzerland this week (spring break for Cal, plus I have next week off too!), but the Genevan archives are closed for several days around Easter.  Seemed silly to fly out so far only to get a handful of days in the archives.  So, I've postponed til the summer.  We've got a lot of fun stuff coming up in the next few months:  Disneyland in May, Boston in early June (anyone there want to get together?  J will be at a conference and I will have some free time!), Baltimore and the East coast in July...oh, and I turn 30 somewhere in there too :)

I hope you all are doing well!

All my love,