Friday, September 9, 2011

What we do all day :)

The brace is off!  The doctor called on Wednesday, and before I could finish saying "the doctor said you can take the brace off, " Jason had it off.  He was a little excited about it all.  The only unexpected impact of removing the brace has been an increase in rib pain.  Apparently the brace was keeping the ribs stabilized and reducing the pain.  Jason hasn't complained too much about it, though.

So, here are some pictures of what a normal-ish day looks like for us.  

Jason begins by stretching his legs in bed.

Uses the iPhone to keep track of time.  Holding each stretch for 2 minutes seems to be his "sweet spot."  The spasms are much better when he does 2 minutes in each hold.

Exercising.  Stretching out the shoulders, which are doing a lot of work these days.

Quick trip to Target to get a few household necessities.

Post-dinner snuggle time.

This one is out of order, but we took Savannah to get her hair cut today...she was great.  Mama only cried a little bit.

Today was a really good day.  Jason, Savannah, and I went to her school this morning for a beginning of the year breakfast.  We wanted to arrive around 8am, so that meant we needed to be able to walk out the door at 7:30 (super early for us, even before the accident).  I got up at 6, thinking that would give me time to get ready and enjoy some coffee before Savannah woke up (she normally sleeps til 7:30).  She woke up at 6:15, just as I was settling into my coffee.  Sigh.  There's a lot to do in the morning before leaving-stretching, changing clothes, meds (today was the last day of the blood thinner injections! Woohoo!).  We enlisted my dad to help get Savannah dressed once it became apparent that I was not going to be able to get us all ready in time to leave.  So, instead of 7:30, we got out at around 7:45.  Not too bad, actually.

The breakfast was lovely.  Jason really enjoyed getting to see all of the other Googlers and parents.  He's been to one daycare drop off since coming home, but this was the first time he really got to talk to all the other parents.  The folks at Sav's school have been so good to us (I know I've posted this before).  We're very lucky to have such a great community of support.

After breakfast, we took Savannah for her first haircut.  She was a champ.  I cried.  The salon owner kept reassuring me it grew back, but it was hard to explain to her that I wasn't lamenting her losing some hair, but was more upset that we had gotten to this milestone.  After her haircut, she looked like such a little girl, and not like my baby.  I suppose we have to let her grow up at some point.

We have a nice weekend planned.  I'm going to try to convince Dad and Jason to go the Apple festival at Garin park tomorrow and, on Sunday, some friends are coming over to dye play silks (and Savannah will have a playdate with her buddy, Walter).  

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Lots of love,


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