Friday, September 30, 2011

New Wheelchair!

Yesterday was the long awaited day...Jason got his new wheelchair and got to ditch the heavy, bulky one that he had when he checked out of the hospital in August.  It’s VERY nice and lightweight.  He can maneuver so much easier now-and can actually access our kitchen with ease.  Transfers are also quite a bit easier now, because he can get the chair much closer to whatever he’s transferring on to.  It also fits entirely into the car’s trunk without me having to do anything crazy to get the trunk to shut...that last one was a pain in this regard.  We couldn’t really have anyone other than Savannah in the car because of how much space the chair took up.  Now, we can have adult passengers!  And I can take the stroller with us, too....which Savannah might not like.  She enjoys getting to ride with Daddy in his chair when we’re out and about.

When we were at the hospital yesterday, we ran into the psychiatrist Jason had while he was inpatient at Santa Clara.  The fact that he even got assigned a psychiatrist shows how comprehensive the rehab program is at SCVMC.  They’re really concerned with rehabilitating the complete person, so they make sure patients have access to recreational therapy, speech therapy, and psychiatric counseling, in addition to the traditional occupational and physical therapies.  Anyways, we ran into her while we were getting lunch in the cafeteria (the hospital makes a surprisingly good sandwich) and she asked how Jason, the baby, and I were getting on.  We updated her on the gains with sensation, mobility, etc, etc.  But, after going over the major accomplishments, we just looked at each other and said, you know what?  We’re happy.  And not in a “happy given the circumstances” kind of way, either.  Genuinely happy.  Our relationship with each other is the strongest it’s ever been (and it was quite strong going into all this), we have a lovely, healthy daughter who brightens our days, we have the most amazing and supportive group of family and friends anyone could ask for, and we’re doing all we can for Jason’s recovery.  I think we both really feel at peace with where we are now.  Jason is working hard at recovery and we both know that we’re doing all we can do in that regard.  When Jason was first injured, neither of us knew how things were going to turn out.  The future was terrifying and so unknown.  It’s still unknown, but I don’t feel scared anymore.  If Jason stays where he is now in terms of recovery, we’ll be fine.  We’ll be more than fine.  We’ll have a good life.  (We HAVE a good life)  He’s independent and can do anything he wants, wheelchair or not.  I truly believe, though, that he’ll walk again.  Now that we have learned more about spinal cord injuries, we’re much better prepared to deal with everything that comes our way before he does start walking.  

I know I say this a lot, but thank you all for supporting us through this, and for all the support and love we know we’ll continue to get as we continue the long recovery process.  We’ve both appreciated the cards, well-wishes, and prayers sent our way.  You’re all amazing.

Lots of love,


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