Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Developing a New Routine

So, still no word on the brace.  Apparently, Jason's doctor worked over the long weekend, so he had today off.  His assistant assured us, though, that we will know something tomorrow.  Thank goodness!

Over the last few days, Jason and I have been talking about trying to really establish a daily routine.  We have a rather informal routine going now, but we need something more thought out and consistent, especially since Jason will begin working from home at the beginning of October.  Right now, it varies widely as to when Jason gets out of bed and going for the day.  Mainly because so much has to happen in bed before he can get out of it.  He needs to stretch his legs (to help with the spasms), give himself his blood thinner injection, eat breakfast, take meds (more vitamins and supplements than real "meds" these days), and get dressed.  I'm trying to let Jason do as much of this on his own as possible.  So, in addition to establishing a routine, we've got to get faster with everything.  If he gets up earlier, we can also move breakfast to an "after-getting up" activity.  Oh, and once all our family heads back to the east coast, we're going to have to do this while also getting Savannah up and ready, Sonja out for a morning walk, and, I suppose I'll need to get a shower and/or dressed somewhere in there too :)  Lots to figure out!

On another note, part of me was tempted to label this post, "some days suck," because, really, some days just do.  More often than not, I think we're doing a really good job adjusting to this tremendous change.  If one of us is having a rough day, the other is there to bring their spirits up.  We're a great team in that regard.  But, occasionally, you get days that go all wrong.  Yesterday, for example.  On Sunday, Jason had a really great day with spasms and pain and general independence.  We were both really excited and thought everything boded well for going forward.  But, as they say...one step forward, two steps back.  Yesterday, Jason's spasms were TERRIBLE.  He couldn't move his legs, so he needed help for everything: getting in and out of bed, getting in and out the shower, putting on shoes, putting on clothes, etc etc.  It really sapped my strength and made him feel a bit defeated.  So, yeah, I don't know that there is a more elegant way to say it, but some days suck.  On those days, we try to think of those who support us, and read over the cards and letters that have been sent our way in the last 8 weeks.  That helps, but I think the reality of all this is that there will be bad days.  On the whole, though, most days are quite good, all things considered.  For those of you who think it might be too late to send cards or letters of encouragement, please reconsider.  Any encouraging word helps, especially now and especially on those bad days.

Love to you all,


P.S.  I realize I've been terrible with pictures of late, so I'll remedy that soon.  I'm thinking of writing a "day in the life" type post soon....once we get a routine down, that is :)

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  1. Hang in there Ashley. You guys are doing great. Yes some days suck but some days are great. Treasure the great days and take deep breaths on the days that suck.