Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's (Slowly) Getting Better

Last week wasn't much fun, to tell you the truth.  Jason had an infection, Savannah was a little sick AND teething (really, I'm not sure if there's a better combination in a baby), and Sonja decided that she should just start randomly peeing all over the house, because, really, what else would I rather do than clean up dog pee five times in a day (that was a personal record for her)?  Jason and I joked that we'd been having it too easy...things had been going too well for us, so it was only fitting that we have a rough week.  It's too bad, though, that it was the first week were fully on our own.  But, things are starting to improve.  Both Jason and Savannah are feeling better (though the teething is still something of an issue) and Sonja decided to behave last night!

In the midst of all this chaos, however, Jason was forced to help out in ways he didn't know he could.  He has changed Savannah's diapers (for the first time since the accident), gotten her fully dressed and ready to go in the morning, he can start laundry for me (when he discovered this new feat, he began by prefacing the statement with, "I'm not sure if I should tell you this, but..."), and he's almost to the point where he can take Sonja out for a short walk around the apartment complex.  Sometimes you need challenges and problems to force you to push yourself further, so, in this regard, last week was really good for us.

Jason is still going to Google twice a week, and working from home the other three days.  In November, he'll ramp that up to three days per week in the office.  That'll actually start next week, because he has to get some routine tests done at the hospital on Tuesday.  The Google shuttle will begin picking him up for work in December, at which point he'll be in the office four times per week.  He'll stay at four times per week for a while, since he has SCI-FIT on Thursdays, and it doesn't make too much sense to drive in to Mountain View, only to have to leave two hours later for therapy. Speaking of SCI-FIT, Jason's therapists have really begun to notice some changes in Jason.  He's getting a lot stronger in his hips (which he needs in order to start the braces in January), and is getting much more control over his movements.  We're really lucky that SCI-FIT is so close to us-some of the patients there travel up to three hours one way, just to be able to take advantage of their program. I'm certain that Jason would not have made all of these gains so quickly without this program.

And now, on to some pictures!  These are from the last few weeks and, per usual, are primarily of our sweet little girl.  Sorry that they're a bit out of order.

At our apartment complex's harvest party

She wasn't a fan of getting her picture taken...

Jason at PT

Discovering new ways to play

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