Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catching Up and Getting Away

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the delay between posts.  I was waiting to get some new video from SCI-FIT before posting anything new...I think you'll all agree that the wait was very much worth it.  But, before I get to the videos, let me catch you all up on what's been going on in the last week or so.

Jason started back to work on October 3.  He was supposed to work from home for the month of October, before slowly transitioning back into the office beginning in November.  Well, as I've learned throughout this whole recovery process, Jason doesn't do slow :)  He went back into the office Monday and Tuesday of last week.  It went really well.  He was definitely tired when he came home on Monday, since wheeling himself around the Google campus is a bit harder than doing the same at home, but, overall, it was a great experience.  The new plan is for him to continue going two days a week for the next couple of weeks, and then slowly ramping up to full time (in the office) in early December.

He's still having some issues with his legs/feet swelling after a long day in his chair, but we're looking into a few options to make that less of an issue.  I got him a foot rest to use at home at his computer, and we're hoping to rig something similar up at Google.  Also, I just ordered some leg massagers for him that are supposed to be really great for helping with circulation.  Fingers crossed, that will work.

Jason and I went on a little mini vacation this weekend, thanks to his stepmom, Kim, agreeing to watch our girls for us :)  We didn't venture too far afield from home, just in case something went awry (or I decided that I couldn't be away from Savannah for so long...).  It went wonderfully.  We got a chance for some alone time (and went on a few "real" dates to the movies and a nice restaurant!), and Jason got to see that travelling out of his comfort zone wasn't really all that bad.  Prior to the accident, Jason traveled for work on occasion, and he'd like to be able to do that agin.  He's actually tentatively planning on attending a Selenium conference in London in April, so this little trip was a way to begin prepping for that.  We've learned that the best way to ensure a smooth trip is to over-plan and over-prepare....thankfully, I really like planning :)  So going to London should be a breeze...

And now....the videos....

Working on the FES Bike

More hip adductors are coming online :)

Practicing his balance.  He's gotten SO much better with this!

A different way of doing the bench press :) this isn't Jason.  I was trying to catch Savannah trowing her toys off the couch, over the dog bed.  Instead, I got this....

Hope you all are doing well!



  1. it wont show me the video with Savannah :/ but Jason looks like he is getting his swole on lol... LOVE YA'LL

  2. Yeah, I don't know why it isn't Love you too :)