Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some Things are Unbreakable

Not long after Jason was first injured, we began looking around the internet, trying to find resources on SCI.  One of the best (for us) has been the CareCure forums set up by some doctors and nurses out of Rutgers University.  When doctors have been slow to return phone calls (or we just have a random concern, do you put a toddler in a car seat when you're in a wheelchair?), the folks in the CareCure community have been there to offer reassurance, helpful tips, and advice.  There is a special forum for caregivers (I REALLY hate that term) on the site and, it was through that forum that I found a book by Kate Willette titled Some Things are Unbreakable.  In this book, Willette details her husband's injury in a skiing accident that left him a C5/C6 quadriplegic, and the first year of recovery.  I have only read snippets of the book and, while it's a story I can certainly relate to (even if quadriplegia has a lot more issues than paraplegia), it was the title that really gave me pause and made me think.  Much of SCI focuses on that which has been broken, torn, or otherwise injured: the bones, the muscles, the spinal cord that has been bent and bruised.  It's very easy to focus on what has been lost or changed, but this book (or its title at least) has reminded me to focus my energies on those things that are unbreakable:  our love, our family, our faith.  These are the enduring things that, while certainly tested by this accident, have not been broken or weakened.  When I have a difficult day (thankfully, less often this week!), I think about this and it helps me remember that all the important things in our life have only gotten stronger and better.

On another note, we're hoping to move some furniture around in our house later this month.  Now that Jason has been home for a while, we have a better sense of where things could be moved to make life a bit easier for him.  We've also ordered toddler rails for Savannah's crib and another piece of furniture for her room.  I'd like to move her bed into our room (since she sleeps in there every night right now anyways...), and make her room more of a playroom for her.  I can not, however, do this by myself.  Well, maybe I could, but my chiropractor would be none too pleased.  So, if any of our Bay area friends are available in a few weeks (I'm thinking maybe the first Saturday in December?  The furniture has not yet arrived, but should be here by then), I'd be super appreciative of the help.  Plus, I'll feed you.  Familiarity with tools would be a plus :)

Love you all,


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