Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today was a GREAT day :)

First off, the videos from Sunday's post should now be working.  Not sure what went wrong there...

And now, on to the exciting news of the day.  Jason got cleared to remove his "training wheels" from his wheelchair.  His PT thinks he's doing great with wheelchair mobility: he can go up and down curbs, and even knows how to go down a flight of stairs in the chair, should the need arise.  This is a big deal in the wheelchair world-he's not a "rookie" anymore.

On top of that, his PT began talking with him about when he'll be ready to get braces to start with walking :)  Protocol dictates that he wait at least 6 months post-accident before starting with the braces, so he's still got three more months to go, BUT he now has a clear list of what needs to happen in that 3 month period in order for him to move forward.  He has to be able to do 50 continuous dips (to make sure he has the endurance for walking) and needs a bit more movement in his hips.  I have a feeling that he'll have all this done before his 6 month checkup, but some prayers and good thoughts sent our way would be much appreciated.

And...to save the best news for last...he's got some more sensation!  Woohoo!! This morning, he was able to (faintly) feel me massaging his right foot. It's not a very strong feeling, but, he closed his eyes and was able to correctly indicate when I started and stopped massaging, so we're extremely optimistic!

Some days can be tough, but then you get days like today...and our spirits are lifted and renewed.

Love you all,


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