Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On Our Own

Well, we knew it would happen at some point...we've been on our own since Saturday morning, when Jason's stepmom, Kim, headed back to Virginia.  We've been incredibly lucky to have our parents stay with us for the past three months while we've adjusted to our new lives.  There were MANY days that their presence made a difficult situation better.  I expected the first few days sans parents to be bumpy...and they were :)  The past few weeks have gone by incredibly smoothly, so I guess we were due a speed bump or two (or three or four).  Jason experienced a few complications over the weekend and into this week-nothing too bad in terms of possible SCI complications, but enough to throw a wrench in our routine.  We think we've gotten them under control, and have made the necessary adjustments to his meds, but, in the process his work schedule got a little off-track (he normally goes to the office on Mondays and Tuesdays, but he had to work from home yesterday and needed to leave work a bit early today).  So, as much as this weekend was rough, we got through it just fine.  I think if we can navigate a weekend of complications on our own, then we'll be more than alright when things settle down again.

And, we're not totally on our own anyways.  We've got a great network of friends here in the Bay area that I know are there to help should we ever need it.

Other than that, we're doing well.  The rest of the week should be pretty busy-our little social butterfly, Savannah, has multiple Halloween parties to attend, Jason has his standard SCI-FIT appointments, and I'll be busily chauffeuring them between these various engagements :)

Apologies that this isn't a longer post.  I felt like I had more to write when I sat down, but I'm exhausted...I'm definitely feeling the loss of our "safety net."  I'll try to write more next time.

Love you all,


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