Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Quick Update

Sorry that it has been a few days since my last post. I'm home more often now than I was when Jason was in the hospital, but I find that I have much less time to spend on the computer. I'm quite busy trying to keep up with all of Jason's medical info (calling doctors, setting up appointments, etc, etc). Jason just bought me a new laptop (MacBook Air...it's amazing!), though, so I should be able to update more at night.

We've been getting out and about as much as possible over the last several days. On Monday, Jason and I took Savannah to her first day of school in the toddler room. We were worried that she would be a little nervous being in a new room, but, after a moment or two of hesitation, she blew us kisses and said "bye bye." 2 out of 3 of her teachers from last year have moved up with her, which has made the transition a lot easier for her. After that, we went to Ikea to look into storage ideas for the kitchen. Right now, Jason can't access our plates/glasses, so I'm trying to find something to put in one of the lower cabinets that will allow him to do so. Unfortunately, the cabinets are odd shapes and have shelving in them that can not be removed. Jason liked Ikea-nice, smooth floors that were easy to move around on! After Ikea, we headed over to Google for lunch with some of the members from Jason's team. I think it really was good for him to see everyone and have a chance to talk shop, so to speak. I couldn't keep up with much of the conversation (I do try to understand what all he does at work, but much of it is beyond my understanding), but I could tell Jason was really enjoying himself. He's gotten back into programming the last few days. After 5 weeks of virtually no computer access, he's gone back to the computer with a vengeance. :)

Today, we had a lazy morning. Gail took Savannah to school and Jason and I slept in. I had some errands to run this morning, so Jason hung out with his brother, Nick, and played Starcraft (another thing he missed while in the hospital). Afterwards, we walked over to our chiropractor's office (my appointment, not his). Walking/wheeling over took a lot out of Jason, especially as it was very hot (by bay area standards) today. So, he got his exercise in, which is good.

Tomorrow is a big day. Savannah has swim lessons. I'm hoping Jason will come along for that. And we're planning on heading to San Jose so that Jason can use the adaptive gym in one of the community centers there.

Keep all of the prayers and good thoughts coming. As we're learning, we've only just begun the recovery process.

Much love,


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