Saturday, August 20, 2011


Today is a week since Jason left the hospital. For the most part, things have been going pretty smoothly. We're definitely still trying to figure out how to do some things (the couch remains a difficulty...), but every day is getting a little easier.

We've been very lucky in having a lot of help with this transition. Jason's mom, stepdad, and brother have been here since the accident (Danny has been in and out) and I can honestly say that this would have been an impossible situation without their help. Savannah's daycare has also been a huge help. Normally, she only goes to school on Monday and Tuesday, but, while Jason was in rehab, she was bumped up to full time, so that I could be with Jason in the hospital. Additionally, different families and teachers at the school have provided us with dinner (every night for 2.5 weeks!). They're also making the school wheelchair accessible for Jason, adding books to the classrooms that feature parents in wheelchairs, and they also now have a doll in Savannah's classroom that is in a wheelchair. To say they've gone above and beyond is an understatement. Throughout these last six weeks, we've been overwhelmed by the love and support of our families and friends: the prayers, cards, visits, food, and the offers of help have been so wonderful and instrumental in Jason's recovery process. I hope everyone knows how genuinely appreciative we are.

Jason was suppose to start outpatient rehab this week, but apparently Valley Med is a bit full at the moment. So, he'll start OT on Thursday and PT the following Monday. To compensate, we're going to do 3 days at an adaptive gym in San Jose (the Ohlone class doesn't begin until 8/30). Last week was his "vacation." Now it's time to get re-focused on therapy and regaining his strength :)

He's begun walking Sonja at's a photo of him walking Savannah as well. This is one of the things he was worried about not being able to do anymore, but where there's a will, there's a way, right?

I asked Jason if he wanted me to add anything on here for him. He said just to tell everyone that he is "feeling good and doing well."

Love you all,


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