Tuesday, August 9, 2011

4 more days...

Jason ordered his permanent wheelchair last week and today, at long last, he received the loaner chair he'll be using until the new one comes in (it can take up to two months!). Until now, he's had to use one provided by the hospital-it's a fine chair, but it is very heavy and a bit on the small side for Jason. He's very excited to be in something more lightweight and properly fitted :) I'll have to post some pictures of it later.

We're now counting down the days until he comes home: only four days left in the hospital! We know that the transition out of the security of the hospital will be difficult, but we're looking forward to trying to regain some normalcy in our lives. We've both missed the simply moments of life that the hospital takes away-hanging out on the couch, watching Savannah chase Sonja around, going out to dinner, taking walks around the lake as a family. We may have to do some of these things differently now, but that's okay. We're confident we'll figure it all out. We've got a great support system here, so we know that whatever difficulties we encounter, we'll have a lot of people on our side, helping us through.

I'm including in this post a picture that I took of Jason and Savannah about two days before Jason's accident. It was one of our last outings as a family before Death Ride. We took Sav to Lake Tahoe and this shows Jason holding her hand, walking down to the shore. I get teary-eyed looking at it, because so much has changed since then. We are still grateful and thankful for all that has gone Jason's way since this all began, but, at the same time, it's hard to forget that our lives have been upended in the last month. Each day, we are very aware that it is up to us to choose happiness and gratitude, as opposed to despair and being miserable. This picture represents the end goal of all this-to be able to do something as simple as walking with our little girl at the lake shore.

Love you all,


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