Friday, August 12, 2011

Good News

We just got some really good news. Jason's injury is no longer classified as neurologically complete (Asia A in neuro speak). Due to all the sensation he has regained below the level of injury, he is now considered an incomplete injury. This may seem a bit small, or an issue of semantics, but the change is quite important, especially when thinking about his long term prognosis. Generally speaking, people with incomplete injuries regain a lot more in terms of sensory and motor skills. He's also starting to feel A LOT of tingling in his legs. This could be nothing....or it could be a sign that his legs are coming back on board. :)

His last few days have been really great. He's gone swimming and, despite my initial misgivings (I mean, let's remember how he got here...), he rode a bike again yesterday. There was a big part of me that didn't want him to ever get on a bike again, but seeing how happy he was has made me reconsider. Maybe we'll look into local hand-bike clubs in another few weeks...

So, tomorrow is the big day: Jason is coming home! It's kind of fitting that he come home tomorrow, exactly 5 weeks after his accident. The house is more or less ready. Some of our friends are coming over on Sunday to help with the finishing touches. Jason is super excited about leaving-I think I'm going to have trouble preventing him from bolting as soon as he gets up tomorrow morning! We've begun saying our goodbyes to the wonderful folks at Valley Med who have helped us through the last 4 weeks. It was not always an easy process, but they have been by our side the whole time, educating and encouraging us. There is no way to repay them for all they have done.

For those who would like to visit, Jason's schedule will be fairly open next week, since he won't begin outpatient rehab for another week. Let me know if you want to drop by and we can arrange something.

Love you all,


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