Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Rehab Family

Over the last two weeks, we've met a lot of great people in the rehab center: doctors, therapists, staff. More importantly, though, we've met other families who are going through the same thing we are. I really do believe that the friends we have made here (and we really have become like a little family) have helped make this process a lot easier. It's good to have someone to talk to who really understands the issues and problems you're encountering, whether it's a question of insurance, treatment, or what they're doing to make their home accessible. As eager as Jason is to get out of the hospital, I know that we will both miss this aspect of the rehab center (and Savannah will definitely miss being the only baby around...that child gets SO much attention!).

In other news, Jason continues to inspire and impress me with his recovery. Yesterday, he was able to get in and out of our car on his own, get in and out of the shower, AND he began doing dips in gym, which are reallllly hard. He did 11! I can't even do 1.... His strength is definitely coming back (for example, he could bench press 30 pounds on his first day, now he's up to 90!). I get asked a lot about how Jason is doing emotionally. While there are certainly moments of frustration, or times when he (or we) feel overwhelmed, he is, on the whole, handling this with a grace that I don't think most people would be able to find in a similar situation. He still has his sense of humor, and we've found trying to laugh about whatever awkward situation we're in to be of great help. I have loved Jason for 11 years, but watching him go through the last 3.5 weeks has made that deepen in ways I could not have expected. He's amazing.

And now I'll stop all the gushiness :) Jason is still on target for being released on August 16 (woohoo!). I've ordered everything we need for the house, but will probably need some help disassembling old furniture and moving some things around. So, Bay area folks, let me know if you've got some free time the weekend of the 12th :) I could use your help!

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