Friday, March 29, 2013

Update on Savannah

As some of you know, Savannah took a tumble off a play structure at school earlier this week and fractured her collarbone.  After a rough first 24 hours (so thankful we've had wonderful doctors, both at the hospital and her pediatrician's office, throughout this...otherwise our girl might develop a real phobia of them!), and two less than restful nights, Sav seems to be doing really well.  She'll be wearing the sling for 2-3 weeks (we go to Stanford in a few weeks for more xrays and will know more then about how long it should be immobilized), but should be back to a relatively normal routine sometime next week.  Kids heal fast, apparently :)

One of her teachers came by to see her yesterday, bringing with her a fantastic care package that really perked her up (Thank you Orchard friends!).  She's up and about today, and is actually wearing her arm sling.  Thanks for all the great messages of love and support..we have all appreciated it!

Off to the doctor.  VERY thankful we live within walking distance of her need to mess with uncomfortable car seat straps!

Happy to get goodies from her friends at school!

Wearing her sling....finally :)

This is pretty much what our days have looked like of late...I can quote Mickey Mouse 
Clubhouse now...

Google+ Hangout with her Nutmeg classmates!

She was soooo excited to see her friends!

So, we needed a jacket for our walk, but she can't put her right arm through anything, so I wrapped her up in one of my scarves....this worked, except I accidentally wrapped both arms up :P

Originally we had planned to take S to a real tea room for afternoon tea, but had to cancel this plan post-fall.  I tried to make up for that today.

She's doing quite well with her left hand.

Thinking about which book she'd like me to read next!

Hope you all are well and enjoying Easter weekend!

Lots of love, 

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