Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The World According to Savannah

Savannah's birthday was a few weeks ago and her "big" gift from us was a camera of her own (a Fisher Price toddler-proof digital camera).  She loves taking our phones and snapping her own pictures, so we thought this would be a great gift.  She has LOVED it, and is frequently taking pictures, or asking us to take pictures of her :)

I thought I'd share what the world looks like to a three year old...and what she deems "photo-worthy"

Jason getting something out of the refrigerator

Birthday Flowers

Her baby doll, Angel


Lots of photos with little fingers in them :)

OUr front door, decorated for Spring


Me, sitting with her at her table

Milk...a very important part of her day

Savannah's "treasure box"

She asked me to take a picture of her...such a lovely girl

Current crop of coloring books on her art table

Window clings

Uncle Nick...perpetually on the laptop!

Photo of her most recent piece of artwork

Perhaps we have a budding photographer on our hands?

All my love,

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