Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Adventures with X-Rays!

In the 2-3 weeks since I last wrote, Savannah has had a few more doctor's appointments and x-rays to check out her injured collarbone.  Thankfully, everything looks great and she seems to be doing really well (honestly, after about 3-4 days, she was back to acting pretty normal).  We did have a few worrisome days last week--her pediatrician called and said that the radiologist who reviewed her first set of x-rays had noticed some abnormalities/hazy spots on Savannah's lungs.  Though her pediatrician was fairly certain this was just a bad x-ray and that nothing was actually wrong, as a parent, you can't help but worry.  So, back to the x-ray tech we went.  At first, Savannah seemed to like the idea of getting a picture taken of her lungs, and the chest x-ray is one of the easier ones to do.  There was no laying down, she just had to stand still on a stool while the x-ray tech took two x-rays.  The first one was done without any problem, but then Savannah had a change of heart about the whole process and decided she was done with it all.  She jumped off the stool, and proceeded to run down the hall yelling, "I'm not going back in there" over and over again.  I'm not quite sure what caused the meltdown (she later told me it was too loud), but I could not get her to calm down, no matter how much I reasoned/bribed/pleaded.  Apparently, this is not terribly unusual, because the x-ray tech was prepared. Poor girl had to be velcro'ed down to a board that held her still for the last x-ray.  Afterwards, when we walked out into the waiting room, a couple of people looked at me and said, "wow, guess she didn't want that done."  Yeah, guess not.

It took a few days, but Savannah's pediatrician got back in touch with me yesterday and said everything looked great.  Which is wonderful, not only because she's healthy, but because I don't know what we'd have done if she needed another x-ray...

The x-rays weren't our only medical adventure last fact, it was a fairly bad week in general for Savannah.  She woke up on Monday morning with a fever close to 104 degrees, so she stayed home from school with Jason.  She seemed better Tuesday and Wednesday, so we chalked the fever up to just a random 24-hour bug.  Then, Thursday night (this was after our x-ray adventures earlier in the day), she started vomiting...a lot.  This is her second stomach flu and, like last time, she gives no warning when the vomiting is about to start.  I was sitting with her on the couch chatting with Jason, and then all of a sudden, she's sick, everywhere.  She was traumatized by it all (and, frankly, so was Jason...), but seemed to enjoy getting a second shower for the evening and another chance to play with her bath toys.  It took her a good two-three days to get over that illness (and, knock on wood, no one else in the house has gotten it!).

And that brings us to Sunday, when she woke up in tears because her knee hurt her.  I think this was a bad case of "growing pains," but am not totally sure.  She refused to walk more or less all day (she sat on the couch for a good 6 hours, asking us to bring her different toys that she wanted).  I don't doubt that her knee hurt when she woke up, but I'm not sure it was painful all day, and am fairly certain that she enjoyed having everyone do as she bid.  Her doing this also coincided with a week full of questions about why Daddy can't walk, though, so I'm wondering if her refusal to walk is related to that in some way?  I don't think Savannah can remember a time when Jason was not in a wheelchair (she was 16 months old at the time of his accident), and she's always seemed pretty accepting of it (it is normal for her, after all).  I probably need to think more about how we talk to her about SCI--when she asked last week, I told her he had an accident and now his legs don't work, which seemed to appease her.  It might just be the age she's at--some of the other children in her class also seem to be more aware of Jason's wheelchair now than they have in the past.  One of Savannah's friends asked him yesterday why he always brings that (his wheelchair) with him in the school.  I imagine there are some resources out there for this type of thing..I just need to find them :)

I hope you are all having a great week so far!

All my love,

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