Friday, July 6, 2012


Savannah and I made it to SC early this morning (and Jason and Nick are back in CA, all settled in).  Our train ride didn't go quite as planned...we left 2 hours late, got in to Columba 3 hours late, had about 3 hours at the beginning with no air conditioning, and I got little to no sleep because my daughter refused to share any of the bed bunk with me.  BUT, other than those things, it was a lovely adventure.  Savannah can't stop talking about how she rode the "choo choo train."  Since it was so much fun for her, I'll definitely consider doing it again in the future.  All things considered, it was less stressful than flying and WAY less stressful than driving down on our own.

Relaxing in the's a hard life.

Running off some excess energy before we boarded.

FINALLY on the train!!!

Having a little snack.

Watching everyone get on board.

Despite the obvious fact that the fans were blowing in the vent, there was no cool air.

Which was very sad indeed.

Beautiful views.

iPad tea party

And this was too funny not to include...I don't think I've ever captured her actually in the act of falling asleep :)

In other news, Jason got his KAFOs today, so he'll be able to start incorporating them into his SCI-FIT workouts tomorrow.  Sav and I spent today at the local children's museum with my dad and brother, and she also got to run around with one of her cousins this evening (which she thoroughly enjoyed).  We're off to the zoo tomorrow...hopefully we won't melt.  The heat here is ridiculous.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July.

Lots of love,


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