Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Year

Tomorrow marks one year since the accident.

I have mixed feelings about this day.  July 9, 2011 is a day that is burned into my brain.  I still get a little panicked when I think of that phone call, the one where some voice on the other end said that my husband had a life threatening injury.  I remember the terror and uncertainty, the frantic drive to Reno, and being so thankful that Savannah was there, because had I not needed to care for her and make sure her needs were being met, I'm quite certain that I would've been an absolute mad woman.  It was a terrible day.

On the other hand, it was the day my husband did NOT die.  It was the day that would ultimately bring us closer together as a couple and a family.  I remember running into another woman at the hospital in Reno.  Her husband had also been in a serious accident, but she was happy because, as she told me, "I could be planning his funeral, instead I'm planning his homecoming."  A great attitude, and one that I have tried to adopt.  Because no matter how bad his injury seemed, it could have been infinitely worse.  And for that I am grateful- so, so grateful.

And I'm grateful for you.  For all of you who have reached out in a million different big and small ways.  From writing letters to making meals to watching Savannah for us, we've been amazed by the outpouring of support that we have received.  I've felt a lot of things this past year, but I've never felt like we were in this alone.  And that makes such a difference.

This has been a year of ups and downs, but more ups than downs I think.  It's been a story of progress and, thankfully, not too many roadblocks to that progress.  When Jason was first injured, there were no answers about long-term prognosis.  When we did get information about the long-term, it wasn't terribly positive (you'll be independent, but will never walk again).  But he seems to have defied the odds, or at least defied the doctors.  And I get the feeling he's not done yet.  This story of recovery is just beginning.  

With all my love (and gratitude),


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