Sunday, July 1, 2012

Adventures in Electricity (or the lack thereof)

Those of you in the VA/MD/DC area already know this, but last Friday night there was a huge thunderstorm in the area.  That was our last night in Baltimore, and we were awoken by lots of noise.  The wind from the storm had somehow blown open several of the windows in the bedroom and living room.  We were lucky in Baltimore, though, because the electricity did not go out there (or at least not at our hotel).

We were scheduled to head to Fairfax yesterday morning...where they had lost electricity.  We checked out of the MD hotel...couldn't call our hotel in Virginia, because their power was out and, plus, once we got on the road, cell phone reception was incredibly spotty due to the number of cell phone towers that had been impacted by the storm.  When we arrived at the hotel (finding it was fun...we're use to relying on Google maps on our iPhones, but we had no cell or internet service in VA....had to find it the pre-technology way!).  The hotel had no power, but they let us check in.  In order to make sure the room was okay for Jason, I had to check them all out using the light of my iPhone to look around.  We settled in to the room (sorta...didn't unpack just in case we needed to move again).  Did I mention it was hot?  Like over 100 degrees outside hot?  So, yeah, that was fun.  The one good point in this was the confirmation that Jason has recovered some of his ability to sweat below his injury...that was one of the big reasons he's had problems with heat in the past.  He did much better yesterday.

Initially, we were told that the power would be out for 2 days (!!!), but thankfully that was not the case.  All in all, the power was out for about 14-15 hours.  We've cooled off considerably since then, and the folks at the hotel have been nothing but wonderful.  I'm hoping that all of our friends and family in the area have also cooled off since yesterday and once again have power.

The lack of electricity did not hamper Savannah's fun...she enjoyed playing in the curtains for much of the afternoon...

And snuggling with Daddy when the lights came back on.

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