Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Pictures

Hand controls in!  DMV appointment is scheduled for Wednesday (at Oakland...with a 2 year old...should be buckets of fun)

Jason practiced driving....

Savannah rode a pony for the first time!

And she also had her first scoop of ice cream (kiddy sized) from Baskin Robbins

Two weeks til the East coast, so that has been consuming me of late (lots to plan for, lots to ship out in advance).  We're all very excited, though, to see what that trip brings.  And I think Jason needs a vacation :)

Love you all,


PS- There's a new show on the Sundance Channel called "Push Girls" about 4 women with varying levels of paralysis.  The first episode of the season is currently free on's an interesting show.  Kinda feels like "Real Housewives" for paralyzed folks.  Though I might not agree 100% with the depiction of paras and quads, I think it's great that networks are interested in showing how SCI-ers live.

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