Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Joys of Traveling with a Two Year Old

We made it to Baltimore!  We're all settled in at our hotel, which is very nice and in a great location.  We're only a few blocks from the Inner Harbor, and there is so much to do here: the aquarium, the children's museum, the train museum, and so should be great times for Savannah and the rest of our family.  Getting here was quite the adventure...I was worried that I'd made a bad choice in booking an overnight flight for us with Savannah.  I think just flying with a two year old in general is not much doesn't matter so much that it was a red eye.  But here, just for you blog readers...the story of our pictures!

Savannah was VERY excited to go to the airport.   She got a new backpack, which she was very good about carrying on her own.

Our flight left at 11:35pm, so we tried to get her to fall asleep before we left.  We read Curious George.....

And tried having her lie down....but it didn't work.  At one point, before boarding, Savannah was running in circles giggling.  It was cute, but I'm not sure all the other passengers were as excited about her obvious energy levels....

The only way we could get her to sit still during takeoff was to feed her M&Ms...probably didn't help with the going to sleep thing, but I figured that was better than being kicked off the plane because our toddler wouldn't stay in her seat (pro-tip: after successfully navigating takeoff, do not put the M&Ms in your the time landing comes around, they'll all have melted and you'll b setting yourself up for an epic tantrum).  After getting in the air, we tried to calm Sav down and get her to sleep (seriously, it was after midnight at this point....).  She didn't want to stay in her seat.  She didn't want to be held....after much fussing and fighting...I gave up.  And she slept on the floor in front of our seats.

I made myself feel better by telling myself that the plane was new-ish, so the floor wasn't probably that dirty.  Logical, right?  

We're looking forward to a quiet father's day tomorrow, and learning our way around the city.  Then we have the big day on Monday!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this lovely weekend!

Lots of love,

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