Saturday, June 23, 2012


Jason had his first aquatherapy session this morning.  It went well, though Jason is unsure of whether it's something he wants to devote a lot of time to this next week.  If he does more pool time, it'll come at the expense of his regular PT time, since they're very booked up at the moment (for future visits, we know now to book all this ahead of time...couldn't do that this time since he needed doctor's clearance).  I took a good many photos this morning, so I'll just show you what all he did, as opposed to writing a ton.

This is what the pool area looks like with the "cover" on the pool.

Jason is in the PVC pipe wheelchair, getting ready to go into the water.

Water beginning to come up through the holes in the cover.

Fully submerged.

Working on balance and trunk control exercises.

Practicing chair to floor transfers.

Parallel bars installed.  

Standing up!

The screens in front of the pool are images from underwater cameras.  This way, his therapist can be assured of his foot placement and stride (once he begins walking).

It was a fun hour, though I thought I'd melt in there.  They keep it a little on the warm and humid side....

We're looking forward to a fun weekend.  We've enjoyed getting to see lots of friends and family this past week, and are hoping to see even more folks in the coming week.

Love you all,

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