Monday, April 9, 2012

Nine Months

Nine months post-accident...and what an exciting month it has been!

  • This was the month of walking...walking at SCI-FIT on the parallel bars, and, of course, walking with the Eksos.  It was great to see Jason up and about.  Now, we're just waiting to get leg braces, so standing and "walking" (with the braces, this will be largely therapeutic and not functional).  We've hit some road bumps with the KAFOs over the last few days...I don't want to get into it now because I'm more than a little frustrated with the situation (and I'm afraid I'll write some harsh things if I start venting...).  But, no matter what, Jason will end up with leg braces, it just might take a little more time than we anticipated.  
  • He's still going to SCI-FIT six hours per week.  He's so strong now, and I'm constantly amazed at what he's recovered and the adaptations he's made.
  • We're headed to London on Friday...ya'll say some prayers, think good thoughts, and do what it is you do...we're a little nervous about this first flight.  I'm sure all will be fine, and I've slightly over-planned everything in typical Type A fashion.  
  • We've cancelled our planned trip to San Diego, because......
  • We're going to Baltimore, MD in June!  We've been working on this for a while, but it all got approved recently.  Jason is going to do 2 weeks of outpatient therapy at the Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins University.  KKI is the home of the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury, and is a pioneering place in terms of SCI research.  He'll be doing a lot of activity based therapy, as well as some aqua therapy.  Originally, we planned to go around Christmas, but they had a spot open up for June 18-29, so we're shuffling our schedule around.  We've got high hopes for KKI, and are also looking forward to seeing some of our East Coast friends and family while we're there.  I think we'll plan on either arriving a little early, or staying a little late so that we can visit people.
I hope that all of you are doing well and enjoying the Springtime weather.

Much love to you all,


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