Sunday, April 15, 2012

London, Day Two

Ouch.  That's all I'm thinking right now after our "little" sojourn around London this morning/afternoon.  Jason is passed out in bed with a bottle of motrin and tube of Icy Hot close at hand :) did we get to this point?

After a lovely breakfast at the hotel (for whatever reason, they decided to throw in free breakfast for us both each morning...I won't complain about that!), we decided to make our way down to the IET Savoy Place, which is where the Selenium Conference will be held this week.  It's close to two miles away from our hotel, so it's "rollable," but given how sore we now are, I'm thinking Jason will take a cab in the morning.  There are about 5-6 steps up the front of the Center, and we don't really see another way in that doesn't have stairs.  What we did see, however, was some sort of lift that looks like it will go up the arm ramp?  I haven't seen too many devices like this in the US, so it'll be interesting to see how it works tomorrow.  Otherwise we'll have to find a creative way in...

After that, we made our way to Covent Garden (maybe 2 blocks away from the IET Savoy...too bad the two blocks were all uphill...).  The walk from the hotel to Covent Garden was pretty was accessible.  There were some parts that I helped with, just because J's arms get tired from pushing over uneven pavement a lot faster than they do over perfectly flat pavement...I also helped with the hill up to CG (thinking thats why I'm a little on the sore side as well...).  CG itself was not really accessible at all.  Jason could get into the market area, but there were steps leading into more or less every store, so he couldn't go into any of them.  We had ice cream there (at this place Your Addiction).  It was good :)

We rolled/walked back to the hotel after wandering around CG for about 1 1/2 hours or so.  So, round trip about 4 miles rolled...which is a lot for Jason.  He has the stamina for it, but his shoulders are hurting, hence the Icy Hot and Motrin.

W'll venture back out in a bit for dinner...and then maybe a movie?  We're not used to having the time to watch movies (thanks to Kim for watching Miss Savannah for us this week....we're both missing her terribly).  Tomorrow is when the real "work" begins.  Jason has his conference, and I'm going to work on my dissertation, which promises to be lots of fun :)

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