Thursday, April 19, 2012

London, Days Four-Six

Sorry for the lack of posts, but Tuesday and Wednesday weren't terribly exciting.  It rained a lot, Jason went to his conference, and I worked on my dissertation (Actually got a decent amount done, too).  I had breakfast with a friend from Berkeley on Wednesday, which was a nice treat, and we also went out for drinks with some of Jason's co-workers last night.  Jason post-drinks was kinda funny.  He hasn't really had much in the way of alcohol since his accident (maybe half a glass of wine here and there), so a pint of beer was a bit much for him...let's just say it was harder for him to roll in a straight line on the way back to the hotel....

Today was my day to play tourist.  I went to Hampton Court Palace, which was one of Henry VIII's palaces (it functioned as a royal palace through 1737, when the monarchs ceased bringing the full court to HC).  As I was walking around the truly stunning grounds, I heard a little boy tell his mom, "Henry VIII really liked chopping off people's heads."  Something of an understatement, I suppose.  The castle was lovely, and the exhibits were really interesting.  I spent a good 3.5 hours there, just wandering.  I also found Savannah's stuffed animal for this trip.  We have a tradition of getting Sav a stuffed animal whenever we travel (she has Peter Rabbit, Paddington Bear, and a highland cow from the UK as of now).  Today, I found her a stuffed bear that's dressed as a princess.  She's really into princesses right now, so I think it's appropriate.

We fly home tomorrow morning, which we're both really excited about: we miss Savannah.  The flight leaves at 10:30am, and we should arrive at SFO around 1:30pm.  Hopefully, it is as uneventful a flight as the one over.  

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