Thursday, January 31, 2013


Jason's birthday is Saturday, and it's quite a big one this year: 30!  So, to celebrate this most exciting day, here's a look back at the past ten years.  J's 20s were pretty exciting, but I think the next ten years are going to be even better.

2003 (Sophomore/Junior Year of College)
2004: Graduate from Clemson University

2005-2006: Graduate School at North Carolina State University

2007: A BIG year!  Receive Master's Degree, Get Married, Move to CA!

Jason did, in fact, get his Master's, but he did not go to his graduation ceremony, so this photo of me at my graduation will have to suffice :)
Yes, we were actually married by someone who looked like Colonel Sanders...

Hiking near our new home in Fremont, CA

2008-2009: Enjoying CA and newlywed life, plus we adopt Sonja!
Belated honeymoon to Germany and Austria, March 2008
First anniversary celebration in Napa

Thanksgiving in Disneyworld, 2008

And, at the end of 2009, we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little girl

2010: Best year yet, Savannah Grace arrives

She actually was a really happy baby, but I think these crying photos are super cute!

We took her back East to show her off...

Furman University (Momma's Alma Mater)

Clemson University

Visiting great grandparents in Walterboro, SC

Savannah is One!

This photo used to make me really sad, but now I'm happy that the last photo I took before Jason's accident was of him walking with Savannah.

This photo was quickly followed by 5 weeks in the hospital.

But then Jason got to go home and we had to learn to adapt to this new life.


Savannah is two!

And Jason got to do a lot of cool things....

Like try out eLegs

And go to Kennedy Krieger for the first time (and walk!)

And stand at home for the first time in 13 months!

And then start walking at home!


This year has already started off great.
We went back to KKI.

And the aquarium :)

I'm incredibly lucky to have Jason as my partner in life and love and parenting.  I hope our 30s are as exciting as our 20s (though I could go the rest of my life without another traumatic injury, thankyouverymuch...and it should be mentioned I still get to enjoy my 20s for another 5 months).

Happy Birthday, Jason.

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