Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thursdays with Savannah

For over a year now, Jason has been going to SCI-FIT on Thursday afternoons.  Because of the geography of this (SCI-FIT is in Pleasanton, Sav's school is in Sunnyvale...for non-Bay area folks, these are not very close to each other) and the fact that we are a single car family, I've always kept Savannah home from school on Thursdays.  Before Jason could drive, we'd drop him at the gym and would hang out in Pleasanton....we'd get a late lunch, go shopping, go to the book store, play in a local park, whatever we wanted....I think I know all the kid-friendly places located within 20 miles of SCI-FIT :)  Now that J can get himself to and from the gym, though, Sav and I stay close to home.  Thursdays have become my favorite day...I try not to do any work (or, if work must be done, it happens while Sav is napping) and Savannah and I spend loads of quality time together.

I thought I'd share a glimpse into the best part of my week....

This day began with a mild disagreement about how much cold-weather clothing she needed to wear.  She's not a fan of heavy jackets...which doesn't bode well for our East coast trip in January :)

Normally, we go to the Farmer's market that's across the street from our house on Thursday mornings, but it was closed this week for the holidays.  So, we walked down to our local park and played.  I think she was happy with the substitution.

Sonja decided to get in on the sliding...Savannah started yelling, "No, Sonja!  It's not your turn!"

The walking to and from the park, plus all the sliding and swinging, made for a tired little girl.

Post-nap, we made cookies for Jason.  She's quite the accomplished baker!

I really love that I get to have this day with her each week.

And, just because I've been fairly terrible with updates of late, here's some other things we've been up to!

We had a play date with one of Savannah's best friends at Studio Grow two weeks ago.  This was filmed in the dance studio and, for me, is about the best visual for joy I've ever seen :)

Savannah and I went to my department's holiday party.  

Jason has been using his braces around the house a lot more...this time standing sans walker.  He was trying to determine if he could stand at the counter and use his laptop...not quite there yet.

But he can have some great daddy-daughter time with Savannah.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and that you are all able to spend time with the one's you love.  

All my love,

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