Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Christmas

I hope this finds all of you enjoying a lovely (or not so lovely if you're dealing with this nasty Bay-area weather) day after Christmas with your family and friends.  We had a great few days in the Leyba household.

On Christmas Eve, Savannah and I baked red velvet cupcakes to be served with our Christmas dinner.

Then, in keeping with one of our traditions, Jason, my brother, and I played board games while waiting for a certain little girl to get tired.

We got ready for Santa Claus's upcoming visit.

Santa was good to Savannah.
 And he enjoyed the cookies and milk (though she was really mad that he ate of the first things she said Christmas morning, was "where are my cookies?").

He left her a lovely card.
 I think she was most excited about the chocolate in her stocking (Santa, not Mrs. Claus, was responsible for the stocking....Santa went a little overboard with the sugar!)
Fresh morning buns and croissants for breakfast....oh so yummy.

Savannah's main gift was a new baby doll, which she loved and played with all day.

Dresser for baby clothes.

Sav asked me for my phone and then proceeded to take photos of her baby, just like I take pictures of her :)

Christmas dinner...a mix of super unhealthy (but amazingly good) Southern fare and, in our one nod to healthiness, some veggies not casseroled or over cooked.

Savannah read books to her baby before bed.

Love you all,

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