Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some SCI Stats

I found a website today that provided all sorts of interesting stats about spinal cord injury, and I thought I'd share some of them...

Most Common Causes of SCI:
Automobile Accidents: 34%
Falls: 19%
Gunshot Wounds: 17%
Diving: 7%
Motorcycle Accidents: 6%
Hit by a Falling Object: 3%
Medical/Surgical Complications: 2%
Bicycle Mishaps: 1% (!)
Other: 4%

So, yeah...Jason's type of injury is on the rare side.

  • Average Age at time of Accident: 26
  • Men make up 82% of SCI
  • 39.8% of those with a SCI had not finished high school at the time of their accident.  Only 1.3% of those injured have a Master's Degree (again, Jason is in the extreme minority here)
  • Most SCIs occur in July (like J) and on a Saturday (ditto)
  • Cervical injuries account for 50.7% of cases, whereas thoracic injuries account for 35.1%
We had a lovely Christmas, and I hope that all of you did as well.  Savannah made out like a bandit :)  She's only moderately spoiled...

Jason has a big day tomorrow: driving lessons!  His big Christmas gift from me was driving lessons with hand controls, so he goes tomorrow afternoon for the first one.  He's really looking forward to getting out of the passenger side of the car for a bit!

I'll be posting Jason's six month update in another week or so (I'll have to do it a few days early since I'll be in Scotland on the actual 6 month anniversary).  We've got some exciting news, so try to check back :)

Love you all,


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