Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wheelchair Travel: Boston Edition

Today, dear readers, you get two posts for the price of one.  I'll be writing a bit later to tell you about a fun service project Jason's brother, Nicholas, is doing for the inpatient children at Kennedy Krieger Institute.  But, for now, Boston!

I feel like we're becoming pros at this wheelchair travelling thing.  The initial fear I had about flying post-injury is more or less gone, now that we know what to expect, and I know what I need to do to ensure that all goes smoothly for us both in flight and at our destination.  We flew to Boston last week, and outside of some issues boarding our flight out of SFO, everything went great.  We flew Virgin America (seriously, if you've not flown them yet, do so...so much better than the alternatives!) and arrived into Boston super early in the morning.  Thankfully, our hotel didn't make us wait too long to get a room (we arrived at 8am, check-in was not til 4pm) and, even better, upgraded us (for free!) to a concierge level room.  I'm not sure what motivated this upgrade, but we think it was what Jason and I refer to as a "gimp perk."  Whatever the reason, I'm glad of it--we had beautiful views of the water and got access to the club lounge (which meant free breakfast, snacks throughout the day while I was writing up there, free appetizers and dessert at night....very nice).  While Jason did the conference thing, I worked on my dissertation.  I had originally planned to play tourist while in town, but the weather was not terribly cooperative, so, instead, I finished a dissertation chapter.  Not a bad exchange, and I'm feeling a lot less stressed about writing today, so all's well.

Jason gave the keynote address on the first official day of the conference, which he rocked.

Jason giving his talk--I sat way in the back, so this isn't the best of photos.  

Afterwards, we celebrated with well-earned margaritas!

The Selenium Committers

Dinner the last night of the conference...after 6 years in California, it's fun to be reminded that it rains some places in June :)

Miss Sav stayed in California with her grandparents, so the Boston trip gave Jason and me a chance to go on dates and enjoy conversations with other adults.  We enjoyed this tremendously (though, after our first night away, I was ready to be back with my girl).  We got back home last Saturday afternoon and Jason enjoyed a quiet father's day.  

I'm starting a new job on Wednesday as a teaching consultant, which will have me out of the house quite a bit--more than I've ever worked out of the home since Sav was born.  I certainly will appreciate all the good thoughts you can send me as we transition into this new working arrangement.  I'm excited about the position--I'm passionate about teaching, so this is a good fit for me--but I'm worried about what this will do for dissertation writing (this post is through UC-Berkeley, and they are very supportive of my writing goals, so in theory this shouldn't be a problem) and, of course, for our family.  Changes can be scary :)

Wishing you all a happy Tuesday.  I'll be back in a few hours with more info about the KKI project.

Love you all,

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