Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Long Overdue Update

Sorry that it has been so long since my last post.  It has been so busy around here lately!  It seems that all fellowship organizations and conference organizers conspired to make everything due on November 15 this I've been crazily writing grant proposals, abstracts, paper proposals, budgets...oh, and a full draft of a chapter of my dissertation!  Thankfully, I'm done.  I'm actually proud of myself for getting all this wrapped up a few days ahead of schedule.  Now I just have to wait several months to see if I'm awarded any of the grants...But, I imagine you're not here to read about my dissertation/fellowship progress....

The cushion, which I complained about in the last post, seems to be working out a lot better now.  The jerry-rigging has held up and Jason has been a lot more comfortable.  Thank goodness.  We're headed to the Abilities Expo in San Jose this weekend to check out different parts for J's new chair.  Hopefully, we'll get that at the beginning of next year.

Other exciting developments in the last month:

  • The standing frame has been ordered!  We should have it in around 3 weeks! FINALLY-we've been waiting for close to a year for this...we're very excited.
  • We celebrated Halloween with Savannah, and took her trick-or-treating for the very first time. She seemed a little wary at first, but after the first house, she looked at us and said "Okay.  We go to another house now."
  • Savannah and I spent an afternoon in San Mateo, watching airplanes land at SFO.  She's rather obsessed with all forms of transportation at the moment, so this was about the best afternoon ever :)
  • We booked flights for our January trip to Baltimore.  We're doing a daytime flight this time, in the hopes that Sav will not be overly tired and will enjoy the flight.  Fingers crossed.  Can't be worse than overly tired/overly excited Savannah of last June's flight.
And now..some photos!
Plane landing at SFO

School Costume

Trick-or-treating costume

Jason putting the finishing touches on her whiskers

Waiting in line to vote

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