Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Go Forward

Today would have been Christopher Reeve's 60th birthday.  To commemorate all that he did for SCI awareness and research, the Reeve foundation (which also celebrates its 30th anniversary today) has marked today "go forward" day.  In addition to raising money, the Foundation is trying to raise more awareness about SCI, so that research for a cure can go forward.  Additionally, September is Spinal Cord Injury Awareness month here in the US.  It hasn't really gotten much attention, though...perhaps we need to get bracelets and adopt a SCI color :)  If you're willing and able, I'd encourage you to head over to the Reeve Foundation website (www.christopherreeve.org) to donate to the cause today.

The Reeve foundation is a great organization and one that, as of last Tuesday, I'm a part of.  I'm now a certified Peer Mentor with the Peer and Family Suport Program that the Reeve Foundation runs.  I went to a training seminar last week in Oakland and met all the organizers and the other peer mentors.  It was great.  I was the only able-bodied person there, so I was somewhat anxious about having any credibility with the group, but all was well.  Once I pass my background check, I'll be able to go into the rehab centers and hospitals to meet with the newly injured and their families (Jason will help as much as work allows with this too...we're something of a package deal).  My first goal, assuming Santa Clara allows it, is  to set up a support group for spouses/partners/family members.  There aren't enough resources out there for family members of the newly injured, so I'm hoping to close that gap a little bit.  At least in the Bay area.

In update news, Jason was able to do some advanced maneuvers in his braces this weekend.  He can now go from standing (holding on to the walker) to laying on the ground, to back up to standing again.   I'm hoping to go to SCI-FIT with him this weekend, so hopefully I can get some pictures of this.  Sounds pretty awesome.

I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of fall.  We certainly are (though it'd be lovely if the temperature decided to stay on the cool side...).

Love you all,


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