Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I’m diverging from my traditional blog subject matter with this post because today is special.  Our little girl is two today.  I’m going to try valiantly to avoid the cliches that come with parenthood, but I will permit myself this: wow, that was fast!  I feel like we just brought her home from the hospital, and now she’s running and climbing and talking.  So, instead of an update on where Jason is in his recovery (that will come in a few more days), here’s an update on Savannah at two.
  • She’s incredibly mobile.  I feel like she’s always on the move: running, climbing, jumping, dancing, twirling, stomping.
  • Her vocabulary has exploded.  There’s no way I could list all the words she says.  At the moment, she’s especially fond of animal noises (particularly the roars of the tiger and lion!), pointing out her body parts (she thinks her knee is her elbow, but otherwise knows all the “basics”), naming people (she likes to point to mama, Savannah, dada, and pup-pup; she also likes saying the names of the other children in her class), and issuing commands (“Mama sit!”, “Hug me!,” “Rock me,” etc).  She’s also beginning to put small sentences together, and is getting pretty good with “please” and “thank you.”  
  • She’s a good sleeper.  She normally takes a nap in the afternoon after lunch (about two hours), and then sleeps from about 8:30pm-7:30am in her toddler bed.
  • Eating is hit or miss.  She was a pretty adventurous eater as an infant, but she’s not quite so good anymore.  She has her favorites that she never turns down (yogurt, most fruits, a decent amount of veggies), but she’s a little more wary of new foods.  She tends to eat one big meal per day, and then she likes to snack on things the rest of the day.
  • She weighs about 28 pounds, meaning she finally tripled her birth weight.  Her weight gain and growth has been much steadier in her second year than it was in her first.
  • She’s in love with her puppy.  She thinks Sonja is her best friend, and constantly tries to give her hugs and kisses.  Sonja is pretty tolerant, especially since Savannah manages to sneak her food every now and again!
  • She loves art and music.  We do a lot of coloring and painting in this house!  It’s also rare for a day to pass without music.  She loves her instruments, particularly the drums.
  • She’s a great helper and is definitely more tuned in to what people are doing around her.  She noticed that Jason was having a rough day a few weeks ago, and went up to him, gave him a hug, patted his back, and said “it’s okay.”  Too sweet.  She also helps us make Sonja’s dinner most nights.
We feel incredibly lucky to be this sweet girl’s parents.  She is a constant source of light and joy.  As sad as it is to leave behind her babyhood, we’re very excited to see her grow and develop some more.  Happy Birthday, Savannah Grace.

On her birthday; born 12:25pm, 9 lbs, 21 inches

March 2011

March 2012

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