Saturday, February 18, 2012

What a week...

I'm glad this week is over.  I've always kinda known that things would be tough around here if I got sick, and this week proved that to be (somewhat) true.  But....let's start at the beginning.

On Sunday night, Savannah didn't sleep well and, when she woke up on Monday morning, had a slight fever and was quite lethargic.  Jason and I decided to keep her home from school to let her rest and recuperate.  After a rough morning that consisted primarily of sleeping and snuggling (not such a bad day, in this momma's eyes), she began to start acting like she felt better in the afternoon.  That was a good thing, because we had a scheduled appointment with Jason's wheelchair vendor that afternoon in order to get his new seat back attached to the chair.  So far, that seems to be working out REALLY well, and he's not had the back pain that he'd been having with the old back.

Tuesday and Wednesday were normal days and I was beginning to think that, for the first time since she was born, I'd managed to escape catching one of Savannah's colds/illnesses.  I was proven wrong on Thursday.   I should mention that Savannah's favorite way to snuggle is to wrap her little arm's around my neck, press her nose to my nose and fall asleep.  This is incredibly sweet, but also is an incredibly efficient and effective means of transmitting germs. So, I woke up sick on Thursday.  Thankfully, this is the day that Jason works from home, so I wasn't totally overwhelmed by a very healthy child (that's really not fair how that works?).  And, even better for us, we have a great friend who drove Jason to and from his SCI-FIT session that afternoon, thus sparing me that task.

Sav was sick for about 12 hours...somehow that has translated into me being sick for 3 days.  I'm mostly feeling better today, but still don't have quite the amount of energy that is required to keep up with a nearly-two year old.  Yesterday was pretty rough around here since Jason went back in to the office, and Savannah was home and kind of going stir crazy after being in the house for 2 days.   Apparently, art projects (i.e. me giving her markers and paper, saying "go color, please") and movies with mom aren't exciting after a while, especially when said mom had promised you a trip to the botanical gardens.  Again, good friends stepped in to bring in chicken soup, which definitely made life a bit easier.  I haven't exactly been in the mood to cook :)

Our dog, Sonja, has probably had it the worst, since she's not been getting the long walks that she's accustomed to....and has begun showing her displeasure in various fun ways around the house.  Hopefully, she'll forgive me soon.

This week hasn't been all bad, though. As I mentioned, J got his wheelchair seat (finally) fixed.  His first PT appointment to deal with leg braces was also set for February 29, which is a lot sooner than we thought they'd be able to get him in.  Monday was also Jason and I's 12th anniversary (of dating)-Jason seems to prefer to celebrate that day as opposed to Valentine's day, it being a "hallmark holiday created for people to spend money" etc etc etc...It was a lovely day.  We've been lucky to have the past 12 years together, and are looking forward to all that the next 12 will bring us :)

Hope your week was full of love,


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