Sunday, July 31, 2011

If you want to get sick, go to a hospital...

Jason has had a really good weekend. He's feeling much stronger and seems to be out of the "fog" created by all of the medicine he's been on. He's actually been switched to ibuprofen for his main pain killer-quite an improvement over the morphine and percocet he started out on.

There has, however, been a problem: isolation. Since arriving at Santa Clara, Jason has had two different infections and, as a result, two different courses of antibiotics (one of which required IV treatment three times a day!). On Friday, Jason's doctor said he had yet another infection, this one caused by the other antibiotics killing all the good bacteria in his system. Apparently a bad bacteria moved in and, since it tended to prey on those who were on antibiotics(most people in here would fall into this category), he has been put in isolation. This sounds terrible, but actually isn't too bad. He now has a room to himself. Anyone coming in contact with him who also comes into contact with other patients(I.e. Nurses) have to wear a gown and gloves when they come inti contact with him. He feels great, so the bacteria isn't making him feel sick. He can still go outside and have visitors, so, like I said, not too bad.

He's back to the normal routine tomorrow. I hope to be able to add some pictures of what his daily routine looks like at that point,

Love you all,


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